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The next stage of autonomous driving is here. Companies face multiple challenges such as scale and complexity of data processing, the volume of test scenarios, adapting the systems to numerous vehicle variants or achieving predictable time to market solutions. These technical and technological changes require a significant update of current “skills and expertise” to the Automotive sector’s new needs and the associated competence management is one of the biggest challenges that automotive companies are facing.

In the Autonomous Mobility area, our positioning at the crossing of Engineering and IT enables us to design digital continuity solutions at scale, turning autonomous mobility challenges into a competitive advantage. Developing our own frameworks and further off-the-shelf solutions provided us a significant return of experience that our international experts are regularly transmitting to their teams through our training programs.

Having repositioned the existing teams successfully in these new markets, we estimated this approach could benefit a larger community than our people; we decided to gather these training and coaching practices into a Global Training Center. It will offer a new opportunity to engineers by providing them with the possibility to adapt and develop new skills fully aligned to the technology disruptions of the Autonomous mobility markets in domains like Validation & Verification, System engineering, Software development or Electrical and Electronic. All sessions can be part of a certified training journey aligned with HR development policies and objectives.